House Martins

We are fortunate to have House Martins that choose to nest up in the eaves of the house.  As Summer draws to a close, I though I'd share how they got on.  Last year we had nests fall down repeatedly due to a lack of grip on the brick, with only one of the nests being successful.  Looking at this nest, it was backed with rabbit wire and a supporting wooden beam.  So, it early April, we added the same wire and beam to the other eaves of the house. to better support any future nests. 

This year, two pairs decided to build nests.  One pair managed to get a single brood of two to fledge shortly before the nest fell down, but sadly the other pair was not so lucky.  Returning from Scotland in July, we found the nest on the ground with three dead chicks, which looked less than a week old.  The pair continued to rebuild the nest, but it fell again.

Overall, it was a disappointing year for the House Martins, with just two chicks fledging.  The rabbit wire and wooden beam definitely allowed the nests to hold on longer, but it was frustrating to have them fall, especially with chicks inside.  Next year, I think artificial nests might be the way forward.

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